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A Killer Headache

Ever since you died, the migraines have been getting worse.

At first you tried the usual—aspirin, caffeine, screaming—but you quickly learned that the type of migraine caused by having a large part of your brain eaten by an undead creature does not respond well to medication. The only known remedy is nutritional.

The brains of lower animals will work, partially, for a short time, but only human brains have the right balance of vitamins, essential fats and amino acids necessary to hold off the searing, throbbing agony long enough to make it to your next meal. And they taste surprisingly good.

Unfortunately, while you were busy figuring all this out, the rest of the undead world was finishing off the last of the human race, leaving you with A Killer Headache.

A Killer Headache is a text adventure game that you can download or play online. Go to to try it out. (Mike Ciul)

From the January 2013 issue of Happiness Pony. [PDF]