Bunny Tails

When I was little, I threw a birthday party for my bunny. My friends all brought over birthday bunny presents—most of them were carrots wrapped in lettuce. ¶ My friends had a bunny that could go indoors or outdoors. It was so cool. ¶ My friend had a rabbit. Cats and dogs and rabbits, if you rub between their eyes, fall asleep. One time they did that to their rabbit and it never woke up. ¶ One time when I was little, I shook talcum powder around the room. My mom was too frustrated to deal with it, so my dad sat me down and told me the story of Peter Rabbit being bad by shaking talcum powder. ¶ When I was a kid, my parents got a bunny. When we were on vacation something ripped the cage open and ate it. ¶ My friend Justine had a bunny. It was litter box trained. It would hop around and poop in the litter box. ¶ I think the most powerful thing is: If you hurt an animal, you have to give birth to an animal. ¶ I think my bunny died in a terrible way. I’m not sure, but she got some kind of parasite, vomited and pooped at the same time, and died. ¶ I used to like to put my bunny in a clover patch. She’d hop around and eat the clover flowers. ¶ I was told my family had another rabbit that ran free in our yard. The neighbor’s dog ate it. I might be getting this confused with a cat. (Hannah Converse, Anne Lewenberg, Jack McAuliffe, Rebecca Rothberg, Sally Schwab, and Chris “Rabbit” Warren)

From the January 2012 issue of Happiness Pony. [PDF]

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